Ways to Take Care of Persian Cat

Take Care of Persian Cat

Persian cats become pets are generally preferred by some people. What makes the Persian cat special? This cat has long fur and thick so it’s very comfortable being hugged. Not only that, the nature of these cats tend to be calm, funny behavior, and easily controlled. Persian cat itself consists of several types of them: Medium Persian cats, Himalayan Persian cats, Flatnose Persian cat, and Peaknose Persian cats. Keen to maintain the Persian cat?

Must be prepared to spend their money relatively expensive which is the size of the price of a Persian cat hanging from the point of purchase (a pet store, breeder, or from individuals who are already bored/not have time to care), age, and race of Persian cats (range cost between hundreds thousands to hundreds of millions of top quality). It is also important to be able to take care of Persian cats well. How do I take care of Persian cats?

Comb fur. Given these cats have long hair and thick, you as the owner must comb his fur with a routine. Do a sweep of at least once washed and dried with a hairdryer. Matted fur is not only making a Persian cat diminish her beauty, but will be painful for the cat when combed imposed when once tangled. If the cat injured by a metal comb used, immediately to the vet. If too matted fur Persian cat, take it to a cat care professional.

Basking in the morning. Not just humans who need morning sun, but also Persian cats require it. Here are some benefits that will be received by a Persian cat: killing germs and bacteria attached and maintain the growth of the Persian cat fur. What time was the best for drying the Persian cat? Preferably not later than 8am. Duration was sufficient for approximately 10 minutes. Do not forget, thereafter provide drinking water to avoid dehydration.

Bathe regularly. Persian cats are dirty certainly uncomfortable to hold. In addition, germs and bacteria proliferate even if the body of a Persian cat in dirty conditions. To that end, do not forget to bathe regularly Persian cat. Here are some tips to bathe the Persian cat: use the shampoo, wet slowly, do not pour water on the head straight (just swabbed only), and do not rub the fur that does not wrinkle. Just a suggestion, can take advantage of the tub for soaking Persian cat when bathed. Starting from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., the time is right for bathing a Persian cat.

Clean the home routine. Dwelling very important role in the health and comfort of a Persian cat. Find a place to stay dirty makes a Persian cat will easily contract the disease and can not avoid stress. You as the owner also will be uncomfortable with the smell of Persian cat litter, is not it? Therefore, clean the home routine. If necessary drying residence (cage) every morning to kill germs and bacteria.

No less important of all is to vaccinate the Persian cat. What is the importance of vaccination? Vaccination can make Persian cat is more resistant to disease and the growth of the Persian cat was going up to the be marked with feathers nice and steady weight so that the life of a Persian cat could be longer. When the vaccination should be given? At least the start of the Persian cats aged 6-8 weeks. What is the cost of vaccination itself? Depending on the type of vaccine, but range from IDR 80 thousand.


Prepare These Three Things If Want to Open a Animal Care Center

care pet

Most people like to keep the animal, be it a dog or a cat. This is because the pet becomes a good friend to pass the hours of silence. Moreover, if the animals are reared have good skills such as dancing and playing ball, it will be a spectacle not get enough to guess who was upset can disappear in an instant.

Subject as is basically also have a good side, which provides an opportunity to do business pet care services. Moreover, if those who keep pets will travel far for example homecoming for several days, the effort they have to do is leave her beloved animals that remain in a healthy condition. By the way, if you also keep pets like dogs or cats either, of course, also both take advantage of this opportunity to earn income. Is it true? Yup, you can prepare the following three things to start the business:

Place support

The first thing you need to prepare is a business operation. Strive so that you have a place that supports, spacious and clean so that the condition of the room is cool and not stuffy. For that, you need to create a draft in advance if will build a new venue for the business. But if you have the alternative example in the side of the house there is an empty space that is unused, it would be better if you review the room first to make sure that does not leak and can be used as appropriate. Remember, comfort pets into the main thing that the customer is satisfied and keen to leave their pets back.

Complete facilities

To start a pet care business, the facility has also become one of the important things. Obviously, with the full facilities of a pet that is deposited will feel comfortable and the owner can be calm. The facilities must be prepared in this regard is appropriate pet cage, ranging in size from the smallest to large and also the air conditioning so that the temperature is not hot. Full facilities will strongly support this demand by pet owners as if the place comfortable, auto Leave pet they also felt at ease.

Veterinarians competent

One of the things that should not be neglected in running this business are veterinarians. Why? Veterinarians can help deal quickly if there are health problems in animals. In fact, this is an important consideration for pet owners when selecting a pet care services are appropriate. Therefore, you need to encourage cooperation veterinarian who is competent in this case to develop the business. Remember, customer satisfaction will greatly affect the future of your business, so do not let the customer feel disappointed just because there is no vet on standby to handle if there is a problem of health problems in animals that are deposited.

Open pet care services provide a great opportunity to earn an income. If one animal charge 50 thousand Indonesian rupiah per day, it is not possible you can produce 500 thousand Indonesian rupiah per day for 10 pets. Quite tempting, is not it? So, prepare three of the above carefully if you are interested in pioneering these efforts.