Dog Hair Types dan Treatments

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Dogs are animals that look attractive appearance possessed feathers. Therefore, a good dog care is needed in order to maintain its beauty, especially on the fur. Dogs themselves have types of different feathers there is a short, smooth, long, and curly. If the dog hairs not treated properly, would make the hair easy to fall off and dirty. Do you know how to care for the dog hair? Well, for those of you who have dogs and want to take care of, the following types of dog hair and how to take care of him.

Short haired dog

For a short-haired breed of dog you may not be too difficult to perform maintenance such as a dog with long fur. Examples of short-haired breed of dog is the Golden Retriever. Short hair dog breed premises will undergo a loss for one year. However, you do not worry because the dog hair will grow again properly and also heavy. The growth also in one year twice. To care for the dog’s fur Golden Retriver this kind you should use a slicker brush so that the dog hair neat and shiny. Use the slicker brush section evenly throughout the dog’s body. Once you give a slicker brush diseluruhnya, then you use a bristle brush. Also use a comb to treat fur on the tail of the dog so neat and straight.

Fluffy dog

Chihuahua dog breed is a breed of dog that had fuzz. How to care for these dogs to make it look clean and pretty fairly easy. However, you must be prepared to clean the feathers fall out because fur is quite smooth. This is because the fuzz on this dog will experience hair loss within 1 year 2 times. To take care of this dog fluff you must be diligent in cleaning the feathers rontong and also make it a habit to use a dog shampoo that suits dog fur. If you choose the wrong shampoo, then fluff dog can rontong every day because of the wrong shampoo.

Long-haired dogs

Well, for this one mugkin somewhat difficult because of the type of long-haired dogs rather difficult to take care of him. However, you do not worry because a lot of ways that you can do to make your beloved dog fur long remain good. For long-haired cats that you use a large comb with teeth longer. Combing and brushing with a long-haired cat is very important to avoid the fur is not matted. Do it this way berlahan-land so that all parts of feathers can be combed well. Additionally, do wash it with shampoo that is suitable for long-haired dogs. There have been many not the stores that sell pet supplies for one dog. Examples dogs that have long fur is Shih Tzu dog.

Curly haired dog

Dogs who have curly hairs will be waterproof and also not easily fall. To care for dog hair, you should use a special dog shampoo for dogs with curly fur. Caring for curly dog ​​fur should be two months, the dog is washed and cleaned, especially the dog hair. Moreover, to make it look neat and beautiful dog should cut dog fur and no less important you have to comb it every day. Dogs that have curly fur is dog Poodle.

For those of you who have to care for dogs and dog fur confused, I hope the above article can be useful for all of you.


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